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Trans D Tropin HGH


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 About Trans D Tropin "The Proverbially Fountain of Youth"

Trans D Tropin Trans D Tropin is a clinically- proven aging / anti aging and longevity solution / product recommended by Doctors around the world.

Trans D Tropin What is Trans D Tropin? Trans-d Tropin® is the newest and most innovative growth hormone stimulator. Only available through a very select group of dispensing anti-aging Distributors and Physicians. I t is a trans dermal cream applied to the skin some even call it a miracle product or the "Fountain of Youth" It has been over 10 years prescribed by Doctors But NOW it is available over -the Counter right here. Trans D Tropin is an analogue of Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GhRH) that stimulates the body's pituitary gland to produce and release more of your own hGH.

Trans D Tropin Trans-D Tropin® is a Revolutionary Life Enhancement 
Dr. Buttar talks about Trans D Tropin, IGF 1, human growth hormone, natural way of increasing the Hgh in our body and more... Doctors, Users and Patients provide testimonials in this Video. 

Trans D Tropin Reverse The Aging Process 

Trans-D Tropin is the Only Clear Choice to Delay and Reverse the Aging Process!

Trans-D Tropin® is the world's first and only Trans-dermal Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone Analog.
(GHRH) Analog provides full spectrum effect of balancing and optimizing the hypothalamic, pituitary and adrenal axis.

Recent studies show statistically significant increases in hGH levels from baseline, after treatment with Trans-D Tropin.

 Trans D Tropin Trans-D Tropin is:

  • Clinically tested using subjective SF 36 patient outcome based study parameters. 
  • United States FDA registered with all ingredients GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) Classified.
  • All Natural active ingredients. 
  • No animal by products. 

Is Aging a Preventable Disease?

Improve your appearance

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Trans D Tropin it's also an Anti Aging Crème/ Lotion

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Trans D Tropin Benefits of Trans-D Tropin,  Athletes, Celebrities, Doctors and Patients are reporting using Trans D Tropin
  • Improved stamina and endurance 
  • Reduction in chronic pain from old injuries 
  • An improved and youthful appearance 
  • Decreased body fat with improved body contour 
  • Decreased recovery time after exertion 
  • Increase your energy 
  • Improve your sleep patterns 
  • Decrease body fat 
  • Increase immune system responses 
  • Increase your strength 
  • Prevent some auto-immune diseases 
  • Increase your sexual vigor 
  • Increase your lean muscle mass 
  • Heal old injuries in relief of symptomsof depression and MORE... 

67 year old man talks about Trans D


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Trans D works with your body instead of against your body by enhancing your endogenous (your body’s own) hormones without violating the essential but ignored negative inhibitory feedback loop (NIFBL). Trans D is an all-natural, transdermally applied therapy that rebalances and maximally optimizes the production of HGH

Trans D Tropin What is hGH, hGH stands for human growth hormone and is a hormone produced by our pituitary gland, a hormone found in children. hGH is produced when we are younger by the pituitary gland. As we get older the amount of hGH that is produced goes down ( 80% less after the age of 50) The rapid decrease around the age of thirty is believed to play a major roll in the aging process. Stimulating the production of your own hGH aids in slowing aging. This is where Trans-D Tropin™ will help us. Applying this hGH stimulating lotion to your forearms in a routine fashion causes your own body to produce its own hGH. All NATURAL no injections which are dangerous and have side effects.

Trans D Tropin Trans-D Tropin® is the most AMAZING and BENEFICIAL all natural health and wellness product that YOU will EVER experience in YOUR entire life! Many Doctors recommend it in over 38 countries around the globe and It is extremely safe to use made with 100% natural ingredients

"I know how powerful of a difference Trans-D Tropin can make in someone's life because it has worked for hundreds if not thousands of people just like you. However, I don't expect you to believe me until you see even more proof.In fact, I don't want you to just take my word for it". says Dr. Buttar

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Trans-D Tropin


Important: No Registration Forms to fill are required. Trans D Tropin now sells Internationally in over 38 Countries.





Trans D Tropin Turn Back the Aging Clock-The Aging Process 

"I can't believe this stuff is so powerful. Now that I have been using Trans-D Tropin for the last month and have experienced the benefit of this incredible gift, I'm worried that this stuff is so good that the company may run out of supply. Or someone's going to try and stop it from being sold because the results are just too good. What will happen if I can't get my Trans-D Tropin? I need to stock up on this stuff as much as possible to make sure I have what I need. The results are just absolutely unbelievable."


  • Trans-D Tropin® is the only treatment shown to increase endogenous hGH (hGH your own body creates), while consistently decreasing IGF levels. 
  • Insulin and cortisol (pro-inflammatory molecules) are associated with accelerated aging. Trans-D Tropin® has been shown in multiple clinical trials to rapidly and consistently decrease the levels of both these pro-inflammatory aging substances. 
  • Insulin and cortisol (pro-inflammatory molecules) are associated with accelerated aging. Trans-D Tropin® has been shown in multiple clinical trials to rapidly and consistently decrease the levels of both these pro-inflammatory aging substances. 
  • Frequently Ask ed Questions regarding Trans-D Tropin® 


Doctors, athletes and users  speak about Trans D Tropin

Dr. Nicholas V. Perricone talking about trans d tropin

Dr. Nicholas V. Perricone on Trans-D

"Trans-D Tropin® technology is the single most effective age reversal therapy I have found in over 15 years of clinical practice. This treatment modality has conferred benefits to my patients I have not previously observed with any other single therapeutic agent."

- Nicholas V. Perricone, MD
Asst. Clinical Professor of Dermatology,
Yale University School of Medicine

Dr. Perricone is also the author of:
• The Perricone Weight Loss Diet
• The Perricone Promise
• The Perricone Prescription
• The Wrinkle Cure
• Ageless Face, Ageless Mind

Athletes and Bodybuilders on Trans D

Professional Strength & Conditioning Coaches on Trans D

Kent Johnston: Strength & Conditioning Coach - Seattle Sea Hawks
After using the product for Three Weeks

"Trans D-Tropin® is a superior product (last year he used an oral secretagogue). Noticed some immediate increase in strength, shortened exercise recovery time and greater body definition (fat to muscle conversion)."

Update: "I really like this product. I have spoken to a couple of coaches on behalf of its validity."

Athletes and Bodybuilders using Trans-D tropin

  Athletes and Bodybuilders on Trans D

John Gamble: Strength & Conditioning Coach - Miami Dolphins
After using the product for four days

"This product is FANTASTIC! Noticed an immediate and considerable increase in strength, performance firming of muscles. Faster recovery from exertion and a possible easing of long-term shoulder chronic pain from years of heavy lifting. Possibly some improvement in sleep patterns."

Update: "Sleep is improving as is strength, and recovery time. My shoulder now gives me less pain. I must make sure I do not overdue my exercise program because I now feel so good."

More Information on Trans D Tropin Below: SUMMARY

One of the frontiers of current medical science is the challenge of slowing down the process of aging in an effort to prolong life and combat the debilitation caused by aging-related disorders. In this arena, human growth hormone (GH) therapy has gained both prominence and notoriety.

The natural decline of growth hormone levels with age has provided a rationale for anti-aging therapies that are based on regenerating growth hormone levels in the body.

However, treatment using recombinant growth hormone has been criticized for its enhanced cancer risk, primarily through its potential to increase concentrations of its hepatic metabolite, IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1) to physiologically harmful levels. IGF-1 is an antiapoptotic promoter of cellular proliferation, and is present in high concentrations during the initial stages of cancer.

A clear need, therefore, exists for GH-based therapies that address this important safety concern, accompanied with detailed clinical validation.

Trans-D Tropin® (TDT) is a transdermally administered analog of growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH). GHRH is manufactured in the hypothalamus, and is the natural stimulant that promotes human growth hormone release from the pituitary. Through its mimicry of GHRH,

TDT indirectly boosts endogenous growth hormone production, vastly improving on the efficacy and safety when compared to recombinant growth hormone therapy. In an effort to quantify the remarkable properties of TDT in humans, a series of clinical trials have been conducted as follows:

 A pilot study on 30 patients that studies several subjective parameters.

 A small clinical study on 53 patients that evaluates the efficacy of GH release and suppression of IGF-1 production.

 An 8-week long exhaustive, multi-centered, double blind, placebo-controlled clinical study on 117 patients that measures GH release, IGF-1 suppression and several other biochemical/hematological parameters.

These clinical studies have shed light on the ability of TDT to maintain sustained growth hormone release at optimum physiological concentrations, while simultaneously suppressing the levels of IGF-1. This has broken through the commonly held paradigm that high serum GH leads to increased levels of IGF-1. It should be noted that the high GH and low IGF-1 levels prevalent in youth, naturally and inversely change to low GH and high IGF-1 levels with the progress of age. Trans-D Tropin® seeks to reverse that trend, and brings us one step closer to the proverbialfountain of youth”.